skin leaves


skin leaves 


Premieres April 19-21, 2018 at ODC Theater, San Francisco

Performance Dates: April 19-20 @ 8pm, April 21 @ 3pm & 8pm

Tickets: $25 available at ODC Box Office

Opening night reception following performance April 19

Artists Talk and O & A post-performance April 20

about skin leaves:

SKIN LEAVES is the newest work from choreographer Holly Johnston. This 45-minute evening of dance narrates stories of selfhood through movement, music and visual design. Rising through the flesh and bones of dancing bodies are stories of persons subjugated by patriarchy and heterosexism. The work is a culmination of a two-year research and development process and is created by Heather Cooper, Kara Davis, Raphael Boumailia and Holly Johnston. Major artistic advancements to the research and development of Skin Leaves  were given by the artistic contributions of Katharine Hawthorne and Elizabeth Chitty. 

Music, Sound Design, Live Performance by Tim Russell

Lighting Design, Technical Direction by John Garofalo


Early Sketches and Drafts of Skin Leaves :

Performed as "Skin Leaves, Honey Falls" at The RAWdance Concept Series-20, March 2017. Music composed by Katharine Hawthorne

Performed as "Rapid Spins Swallow I Might" at the Silicon Valley Dance Festival, Fall 2016. Music composed by Katharine Hawthorne


donations & contributions

To make a supportive contribution to Skin Leaves and LEDGES AND BONES you can donate here through our fiscal sponsor- Dancer's Group. SKIN LEAVES DONATIONS

Skin Leaves is supported in part by The Rainin Foundation Opportunity Grant and by the generous support of individual donors.

LEDGES AND BONES extends our deepest gratitude to the following individuas for their support and donations to Skin Leaves:

Katharine hawthorne, elizabeth chitty, mary seamster, lynn thore, sarri sanchez, kim haroche, amanda reichart, jennifer norris, danielle san paolo, paul vickers, marge & gary windish, linda sohl-ellison, julie nguyen, elie & layna haddad, shashin desai, sarah hallowell, luke taylor, diane frank, fred cassidy, and judy scalin.