2018 Skin Leaves, premieres April 2018 at ODC Theater, San Francisco

2017 Worker, commissioned by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

2016 Rapid Spins Swallow I Might, Silicon Valley Dance Festival

2016 The Rite of Being Left, commissioned by University Dance Theater at San Jose State University

2015 Melting Midnight Into Me, commissioned by Modesto Junior College

2015 Body of Dreams, commissioned by TwoPoint4 Dance Theater

2015 Unbecoming Woman, premiere The Diavolo Space

2015 Dawning Into Night, commissioned by Scottsdale Community College

2014 Reduced, dance film, premiere Sacramento State University

2014 Untitled for Jacksonville University

2014 Escape Velocity, commissioned by Sacramento State University

2013 Under This Hold commissioned by Chapman University

2013 Pettiness of Prettiness, solo work commissioned by Elizabeth Tamako

2013 Corporeal Transactions, commissioned by Riverside Community College

2013 Insanity of Sameness, for Trolley Dances, Riverside CA

2013 Departure/Arrival, commissioned by Orange Coast College

2012 Infall of Matter, commissioned by Chapman University

2012 Tidal Distortions, commissioned by Santa Monica College

2012 Thirteen Women, commissioned by Loyola Marymount University

2012 Undercurrent, commissioned by Scottsdale Community College

2012 BORDERLINE, original development supported by Choreographic Fellowship at The Maggie Allesse National Center for Choreography, Tallahassee, Florida.

2012  WANT  premiere ODC Theater, San Francisco

2011  Intersection des Trajectoires, commissioned by San Jose State University

2011 Prelude To A Secret, commissioned by University of Oregon

2011  Peligroso, commissioned by Loyola Marymount University

2010  Politics of Intimacy, ODC Theater Presents, San Francisco

2010  3 Veils, premiere April 2010 at Highways Performance Space

2009  Experiment II/Sky Rising, premiere, Alex Theater/Celebrate Dance

2008  Politics of Intimacy draft I, premiere at The REDCAT/NOW Festival

2008  Sand and Water, premiere, The Diavolo Space

2008  Tracing Echoes, premiere The Diavolo Space

2008  Interchange, Commissioned by Loyola Marymount University

2008 Salt and Grit University of Utah Residency & Commission

2008  Collisions & Intersections Commissioned by California State University– Long Beach

2008  Terrain of Falls, Commissioned by California State University Los Angeles

2007  Unrest, premiere Fringe Festival New York City

2007   Experiment I/ Falling and Other Quirks. The Diavolo Space, Los Angeles

2007  Departures From Common, The Ford Amphitheater, Los Angeles

2007  Ellice Commissioned by Loyola Marymount University

2007   Escaping Embraces Commissioned by Moorpark College

2006  Evidence [embedded], The Diavolo Spaces as a part of the Underbelly Series

produced by Jeremy Jacobs, Holly Johnston and Bradley Michaud.

2006  Chance Clearing From Dark Commissioned by Loyola Marymount University

2006  Mortar Between Bricks premiere at Highways Performance Space

2006  Residue of a Collapse Commissioned by Scottsdale Community College

2005 Underneath premiere at FOCUSfish Performance Space, Hollywood, CA

2005  Glimpse premiere at FOCUSfish Performance Space, Hollywood, CA

2005   Urban Lullaby Commissioned by Loyola Marymount University

2005   Salted With Fire   Commissioned by Moorpark Community College

2005 Capture The Fall   Commissioned by Scottsdale Community College  (ACDFA Gala Selection)

2005  Passage From Spirals  performed at Dance Moving Forward Festival and

2005  Ground Under Foot  California State University-Los Angeles

2003  Door One Left   Commissioned by Loyola Marymount University (ACDFA Gala Selection)

2002  Utka  Loyola Marymount University/ Commission

2001  Burn Loyola Marymount University/ Commission