This is a site-space for conversations, considerations, dialogues, discussions, inquiries, and questions surrounding subjects related to dance, corporeality, choreography, poetry, politics, culture, art, society, and identity. Cause Good Trouble is a collective thinking space shared by LEDGES AND BONES collaborators, members of the dance community, invited contributors as well as openly welcomes engagement with the public through postings, discussions, and comments shared with us on this site.

What does it mean to ’cause good trouble?’

For us we might say it means to questions everything, to embrace fully the unknown, to risk biting off more than you can chew, to be out loud, to believe in our rights and rites and bodies,  persons and people; to speak for social justice and to act against injustices, to dive deeper into relationship with our pain and not to flee from it, to be present with each other, to wonder and be curious, to admit our misunderstandings, to unknow what we think we know, to relish in our aliveness, to disobey ignorance, to dance in the borderlands between reality and imagination, to entangle ourselves in breaking boundaries and exceeding expectations, to champion the fight against sexism, racism, classism, sizeism, and ageism, as well as to encourage ourselves to go public with our full intention to use dance, movement, art and our bodies to stand up and into the world with Body as our Response System to LIFE!

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This is an open home for us all.

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